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AcidEye 1 Uric Acid Analyzer

#Contents:AcidEye x1, Instruction Manual, Placement rack(Includes assembly accessories), 150ml Cup x2, USB-C Cable
#Made In Taiwan
#Contact for more :info@airaku-group.com

This product is a dietary health management analyzer, specially designed to detect the grading degree of uric acid content in urine.


Safety instructions for use

  • This product is tested by UV light. If the product is in operation, do not look directly at the light source; if you feel unwell, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • This product is an optical instrument. Please handle it properly and handle it with care. If the internal optical components, such as glass, are damaged due to collision, they must be returned to the original manufacturer or dealer for repair.

Usage restrictions

  1. Not suitable for women during menstrual period.
  2. Not suitable for situations where there is blood and visible impurity particles in the urine.
  3. It is not recommended to use this product if you eat red dragon fruit or foods that can easily affect the color of your urine.